How To, Kitchen Whispers

Dice and Fry an Onion

If you’re new to the kitchen, you might be wondering how to get really small bits of onions without spending an hour crying, cursing, and messing up the kitchen table.

This is how I take my revenge on the demon that is an onion **dries tears**

Part 1: Dicing 

Step 1: Peel and Cut the onion in half.


Step 2: Wash each half in really cold water thoroughly

Step 3: Start with one half by cutting longitudinally

Place your index finger strategically! It prevents the cut slices from sliding away. For some recipes, this is all you need to do! (You’ll get half-moon slices)

Step 4: Cut across.


Make sure you’re holding on tight with your non-cutting hand






Step 5: Place in pan/pot, re-wash the second half in ice cold water and repeat!

Part 2: Frying

A good onion fry depends on three things:

  1. The right amount of oil: The key here is to use the right amount of oil. The way to know is by noticing whether the onion pieces are sizzling, or seem dry. For a medium onion, 1 tbsp of oil should suffice!
  2. The right spices: my basic combination for frying an onion includes: garlic powder, all ground spice, and cinnamon.
  3. The right heat: if you’re looking for burnt-on-the-edges, crusty onions, fry them on medium to high heat while mixing with a wood spoon. If you’re using your onions in a dish, better to keep on low heat, keep mixing, until translucent.


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