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7 Vegetables Soup

Probably my favorite winter soup so far, inspired by the French homey “Soupe aux 7 legumes” that we used to have as kids when it got cold.

This is a very easy recipe, ready in 30-35 min. All you need is a cutting board, a good knife, a big pot, a peeler, and hand-mixer.

Enjoy with toasted bread and vegan spread.

Ingredients 🛒 (for 3 servings as main meal)

  • 1 medium/small onion 
  • 2-3 small cloves garlic (your choice!)
  • 2 carrots 
  • 1/2 a courgette if in the West, 1 whole if in the Middle East
  • 1 potato 
  • 2 salad tomatoes 
  • 2 trimmed leeks 
  • 1/2 or 1 celery stick (optional, depending on your usual preference) 
  • 1 vg stock cube
  • 2 heaped Tbsps. vg butter/margarine, or vegetable oil of your choice
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • *VG cream (250ml) of your choice – I used Oatly’s Creamy Oat (£1.25), I would also recommend their Creamy Oat “Fraiche” (£1.85). 

*If you cannot find any vg single cream, you can make your own using cashews, or use Oat milk, readjust quantity to taste. 


  1. Peel and wash carrots, courgette, potato, tomatoes, and trimmed leeks. 
  2. Cut them in round slices, and set aside, separating the leek pieces from the rest. 
  3. Peel and cut garlic into thin slices, set aside with the leeks. 
  4. Peel and cut your onion in thin half moons. 

Cooking instructions: 

  1. Add your butter/oil to a pot on medium to high heat and let it melt
  2. Add onions and mix well, adding a pinch of salt
  3. Keep stirring on high heat for 2-3 min., then add leeks + garlic
  4. Make sure the veg in the pot are fully coated in oil/melted butter and let fry until softer, stirring frequently
  5. Add the rest of the veg, crumbled veg stock cube, another pinch of salt and pepper, and mix well 
  6. Add boiling water until all ingredients are well covered
  7. Bring to a boil, then cover and let simmer on low heat for 20 min.
  8. Make sure veggies are soft, and blend with a hand-mixer, slowly adding the cream.
  9. Salt & pepper to taste, option to add thyme.

Serving 🍴

Serve hot, as a side or as a main, with oat crackers, toast, or sourdough with a vegan spread.

I really hope you have fun preparing this one. Please do not hesitate to DM me on IG or email me if you have any questions of trouble in the process !!

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