VW’s Guide to a Plant-Based Lifestyle

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Three years, an Instagram page, and more than 14 recipes; time to celebrate the Vegan Whisper’s first anniversary, that’s right, we’re turning one!

I figured the best way to celebrate would be to (finally) release a VW- tailored guide to transitioning to veganism, inspired by my own journey. Whether you’d like to cut off your animal product intake, adopt a plant-based lifestyle, or turn completely vegan, I’m releasing a guide just for you!

I am very proud and happy with my own lifestyle which rests on a particular mindset I carefully crafted throughout the years; it relies on flexibility, transparency, curiosity, and simplicity. As you’ll discover, I religiously think the most important advice I could give is that no book, no influencer, no blogger, or nutritionist, no movement, group, or trend, no parent or friend should draw the lines, conditions, and stages of your journey; YOU are the one that decides how when and why to do this, whether it feels right or not, what you’d like to gain from it, and how you feel about it.

My guide will include some personal tips and some interesting insights I wish someone had shared with me during my own transition.